Scam Alert!

Multiple customers have contacted the bank regarding a recent scam/fraud attempt from scammers appearing to represent Amazon. 

This scam has commenced with an incoming phone call appearing to be from Amazon.  The fraudsters spoof both the caller ID and the phone number that appears.  The scammers then tell the customer that a large purchase from out of state (Texas/Ohio) has just occurred on their Amazon account for an amount around $700.00.  They then ask the customer to start a Team Viewer session or install an app on their computer/device so they “provide assistance” and “look into it further”.  The fraudster then attempts to gather bank card information, online banking credentials, and additional personal information while they have access to the device.

Please be extremely cautious with your personal information and bank account information especially during this time of craziness.  Criminals are opportunistically taking advantage of current circumstances and trends to attempt to steal your money and identity.

If you have succumbed to this or any other scam and have provided personal, card, or online banking credentials please notify your financial institution immediately.  Stay healthy and safe out there!