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  • Homepage. The start page.
  • Online Banking. Online banking outlines information about the online banking system.
  • Mobile Banking. Mobile banking allows you to review information from any mobile device.
  • Savings
    • Checking. Information about checking accounts. Free Checking, Plus Checking, Business Checking. New Horizons Checking, Now Account, Super Now Account
    • Savings. Information regarding savings accounts. Passbook Savings, Statement Savings, Insured Money Markets, and Health Savings.
    • CDs & IRAs. Traditional, Roth, Educational, SEP, or Simple accounts.
    • Rates. Interest rates and APYs for all savings products.
  • Loans
    • Commercial Loans. Loans to help business get the capital they need to thrive.
    • Real Estate Loans. Home construction, remodeling, additions or improvements; House financing, including conventional; Home equity loans, both revolving and non-revolving programs; Undeveloped real estate and lot loans.
    • Consumer Loans. Autos, ATVs, snow machines, vacations, boats, RVs, horse trailers, and more
    • Mortgage Calculator. Amortization calculator to help you assess your mortgage loan.
    • How Much House Can You Afford?. Affordability calculator that helps you understand how much house you can really afford with your income and debt obligations.
    • Home Equity Loan Calculator. Calculator to assist you in determining the amount of equity you have in a home given an appraisal value and a max loan to value percentage.
  • About Us
  • Security
    • Privacy Policy. We value your privacy. Declaration of how we collect and use information.
    • Site Map. Index of the website by page and subject.
    • Login Trouble. If you're having trouble logging into your accounts, there are remedies.
  • Contact Us
    • Staff Directory. Get direct telephone numbers for employees at Bank of Star Valley.
    • Locations. Get contact information for each branch.
    • GOLDPhone. Telephone banking.
    • Contact Us. Contact form to allow you to submit messages to us.